Your every account deserves a unique and strong password.

unique password

According to a recent report, one major reason for breaches is weak and stolen passwords. Even a strong password—when reused— leaves you vulnerable for account takeover attack, where a hacker can gain access to your different accounts using your compromised password.

Leave no chance and turn all your weak passwords to strong ones using Enpass password generator. It’s super-efficient. Read more

Which types of passwords you shouldn’t use?

Common Password
  • The most common passwords like 123456, password, 123456789, qwerty, 111111, abc123, password1 or a single commonplace dictionary word.
  • Your hobbies, favorite food, sports team or other words easy to work out with a little background knowledge.
  • Your personal details like Family members’, Friends’ or pets’ names. Your or family birthdays.
  • Your username, actual or business name.

Generating strong passwords is easy with Enpass.

Use Enpass password generator to securely generate strong and unique passwords for all of your online accounts.

Random Password

Random passwords

Random Password

The best and most secured form of passwords that consist of letters, numbers and symbols in an arbitrary fashion. Read more

Pronounceable Passwords

Pronounceable passwords

Pronounceable Password

They consist of dictionary words and are easy to read & pronounce but hard to crack. Enpass uses Diceware methodology to generate pronounceable passwords.

Advanced Options

Advanced options

Advanced Option in Enpass

Allows you to tailor passwords as per the website requirement. You can even choose the exact symbols to exclude or include in your passwords.

Let Enpass make your life easy.

Using strong passwords is a good practice but it’s practically impossible to memorize all those unique passwords of different accounts. You’re still vulnerable if you keep them in notes or excel spreadsheets as they may get lost or stolen.

Built-in Password Generator

Built-in Password generator

Forget about thinking of strong passwords every time you need them. Enpass apps can generate them for you on any computer, phone, or tablet using a built-in password generator.

Autofill assistance

Autofill assistance

You don’t have to manually copy & paste passwords to & from Enpass & browsers/apps. Enpass can autosave & autofill login details whenever you visit a login web page or open an app on mobiles.

Data syncing

Effortless data syncing

You can use any cloud of your choice to keep your data. Enpass automatically syncs all your changes across your devices without using any of our servers.