Most websites ask you to have symbols, numbers and uppercases in your passwords to make them strong. According to a recent report, one major reason for breaches is weak and stolen passwords like P@55w0rd!, Admin@1213, ABC@1234, Dragon@123, Qwerty@u!Op, etc.

They pass the criteria, but, are they strong? Nope, they are among the top 10 most weak passwords to have.

Time to test the health of your passwords

The first thing before you change your weak passwords is to identify them. Put them in Enpass and use the built-in password auditor tool to find your vulnerable passwords.

Password Audit sidebar

The built-in Password auditor scans your passwords and segregates them in different sections.

Weak Passwords

Weak password are those which can be easily discovered, or detected, by people who are not supposed to know them. They consist of the most common passwords, personal information like date of anniversary or date of birth of family members, names of friends or pets, hobbies etc. Enpass will mark them as Weak, making it easier for you to change them to strong. Read More

Compromised Passwords

Pwned Passwords are real-world passwords that were previously exposed to data breaches. Databases of such breaches are maintained by Enpass finds and alerts you for all your pwned passwords without exposing them to anybody. These passwords look strong but are highly vulnerable to brute force attacks. Read More

Identical Passwords

If you have used the same password in multiple accounts, Enpass will list those accounts under the Identical section in Password Audit. Using same password across your multiple-accounts is dangerous because if one account is compromised, all the accounts using that password come at high-risk. Read More

Expired Passwords

Some websites expire passwords after a fixed interval of time, and for some of the services, you may need to change them before expiry. In Enpass, you can specify the number-of-days after which any password should expire, and upon expiry, such passwords will be visible under Expired or Expiring soon section. Read More

Breached Passwords

Breach monitoring is a threat detection service in Enpass that alerts you whenever any website saved in Enpass is breached. Website-breaches have become frequent putting your personal-data, including passwords at risk making it visible to hackers thereby nullifying the security of strong passwords. Breach monitoring sends immediate alerts and allows you to timely change your password before the damage is done. Read More

Two- Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication in Enpass shows logins for websites that support two-factor authentication(2FA) but don’t have a one-time code saved in Enpass. This enables Enpass users to recognize and filter out websites that support 2FA thereby allowing them to enable second-factor authentication as an extra layer of security to 2FA compatible accounts. Read more

Change vulnerable passwords, instantly

Enpass makes it easier to change your passwords using the built-in password generator. On the change-password page of the website, the browser extension will auto-suggest you the strong password. The new password will be auto-saved, updating your old password in the Enpass database.

How secure is your data in Enpass?

If you are using Enpass, then you don’t need to worry about the security of your passwords. Enpass is an offline password manager where your data is not stored on our servers. All your data is 100% encrypted using open-source, industry-standard encryption. Read more