Your data security and privacy is our priority

No data on our server

Enpass is a true Zero-Knowledge password management solution. This means none of your secured data is stored on our server and remains only on your devices.
No one, except you – not even the friendly folks at Enpass – can ever get to your data whether encrypted or unencrypted.

No data on our server
Encryption and decryption are done locally - Enpass

Encryption and decryption are done locally

The encryption and decryption of the database is done locally. This makes sure your data is completely protected at all times.
In case of cloud sync, the whole encrypted file is downloaded from cloud and is decrypted on your device.

Access your data anytime, anywhere with Enpass offline password manager

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Enpass can work as a standalone app and doesn’t require internet connectivity. You can access your data anytime and anywhere.

Cross-platform password manager


Enpass supports all the major mobile and desktop platforms along with extensions for popular browsers.

Sync data across devices using Enpass offline password manager

Sync data across devices

Despite being an offline app, Enpass lets you sync your data across multiple devices using your own cloud account of Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or any Webdav configuration.

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