Compromised passwords

These are the real-world passwords exposed in past data breaches. This exposure makes your passwords, even the strong ones, highly vulnerable and unsafe to use.

What if your password is compromised?

It is highly risky to use a compromised password because it is out there on the internet and is visible to everyone.

Change your password immediately

Time to create a strong and unique password for your account. Never think of it by yourself. Enpass, with its password generator makes it very easy for you to change it and autofill later wherever you need.

Changing passwords using Enpass

Strong password bar - Enpass
2 factor authentication - avoid compromised passwords

Enable two-factor authentication

2FA is a stronger form of security that double-checks your identity upon login. Enpass can identify the websites where you can turn on 2FA. It can also act as the authenticator and generate one-time codes for supported accounts saved in the app.

Using Enpass as authenticator

Keep checking health of your passwords

Enpass on all platforms provides a password auditor tool that finds your weak, duplicate and compromised passwords and keeps you on top of your security. Just keep visiting the Audit section in Enpass regularly.

Password Audit in Enpass

check compromised passwords

How Enpass detects compromised passwords?

Enpass checks your passwords against the list of leaked passwords managed on Have I Been Pwned. It’s an open-source, trusted process where your original passwords are safe in Enpass and never sent to HIBP. Read more