Cloud syncing in Enpass

Cloud synchronization is a process that keeps all your changes synchronized across your devices through a central cloud account. Though Enpass is an offline password manager—where it’s not mandatory to put data on the cloud—yet it gives you the freedom to sync your passwords and data through your own choice of cloud.

You can connect Enpass to your account on any supported cloud i.e. iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or even WebDAV and its supported clouds. Not only this, but you can also set up sync through a destination folder on your network.

Google drive
Google Drive
Super Secure Enpass

It’s super-secure

Unlike the online password managers, you’re not bound to keep your data on our servers. Using a cloud service other than one provided by the developer itself, gives you total peace-of-mind, assuring no one—except you—can access your data. All your data is 100% encrypted before actual sync happens and can’t be accessed without your master password. Read more about data security.


There are several reasons you should enable cloud-sync in Enpass.

data syncing

Automatic data-syncing

You don’t have to manually replicate the changes in all your devices running Enpass. Every change you make gets synchronized instantly, leaving you with no hassles and worries of doing it later.

data backup

Data backups for emergencies

When you enable sync, backups of data are created on the cloud. In case of emergencies like device theft, crash or loss, you can immediately restore your data from cloud without having to worry about losing anything.

data restoration

Effortless data restoration

Restoring your data on the new device from the cloud is so easy and seamless that you can get started as soon as the app is installed. Just connect to your cloud and start working in seconds. Easy-peasy!

data sharing

Sharing data with others

By creating multiple-vaults in Enpass for family and teams, and connecting them to shared cloud accounts, you can keep everyone synchronized with all the changes.

Frequently asked questions

Your cloud always contains a copy of same encrypted data as on your device. We download the whole encrypted copy and decrypt it locally on your device for real sync operation to merge changes. Afterwards we upload the encrypted data on cloud. In a nutshell, your cloud is only a storage medium and no security related operation ( encryption or decryption ) is actually performed there. All such operations are performed locally on your device.

Briefly: WebDAV stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, which is an extension to HTTP that lets clients edit remote content on the web. In essence, WebDAV enables a web server to act as a file server, allowing authors to collaborate on web content.

Enpass supports WebDAV sync with widely-used cloud-storage vendors.

However, it is worth noticing that the user can sync only one vault with a particular WebDAV folder on a specific URL.

Steps to sync with WebDAV account:

  • Select the particular vault in Enpass from the Settings that you wish to sync.
  • Under Set up Sync, choose WebDAV.
  • Enter the WebDAV server’s folder URL where you wish to store the encrypted Enpass vault’s data.
  • Enter the username and password for the particular WebDAV account.

Once you have set up multiple vaults in Enpass, you can easily share them with your family, friends or colleagues using cloud synchronisation. However, there are a few points that you must keep in mind before sharing a vault:

  • You need to share the password of the vault which you’re sharing with other users.
  • You’ll have to share the login details of the cloud account with each user you want to share the vault with.
     We recommend creating a separate cloud account for sharing vaults to protect personal cloud account’s privacy. 
  • Every person having access to the vault has full permissions to read, write (delete) any item from the vault, or even change the vault password as you can’t set any sharing attributes or access permissions.

Steps to share a vault using the cloud sync:

I. Sync vault data over a cloud account

  • First, you’ll need to sync the vault with any of the supported cloud services in Enpass.
  • Share the cloud login credentials and vault password with the user(s) you intend to share the vault with.

II. Restoring vault on other devices with cloud sync

  • The other users can restore the vault data from the Welcome page, or they can create a new vault in Enpass from Settings and restore the data via sync using the same cloud account as in Step I.
  • Any changes in the vault will remain in sync as long as none of the users disconnects the sync on their devices.

No. If you are using multiple vaults, then each vault need to be synchronized with a separate cloud account. Although, by different cloud, we mean different accounts, not services i.e. you can have multiple accounts on Dropbox and set up sync of different vaults with them.

But in case, if you are using the WebDAV/OwnCloud or Folder sync, then you can use the same cloud to sync different vaults by defining a separate path/folder for each vault.