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Empower employees to create powerful passwords and passkeys, and store their work vaults on your trusted business cloud

Enpass Business Admin Console

Why security conscious organizations prefer Enpass

Storing and sharing business-critical data within your local IT infrastructure means fewer security risks

Storage you control

Storage you control

Enpass keeps business-critical data only on employee devices and in your trusted Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace business cloud.

Compliance friendly

Compliance friendly

Simplifies adherence to data protection laws such as GDPR because data never leaves your organization.

Serverless deployment

Serverless deployment

Eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance and patching as no self-hosting is required.

Enpass values security and privacy

ISO 27001 certified: Enpass

Certified as per ISO 27001

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is certified as per the ISO 27001:2013 standard which ensures that processes inside our organizations are both streamlined and secure, meeting the security and compliance requirements of our customers.

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Cure53 security audit: Enpass

Comprehensive security audit

We regularly engage third-party security experts to perform audits and penetration tests. We would like to thank Cure53 for their thorough analysis & code-level security audit, and their assistance in achieving higher security standards.

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GDPR compliant: Enpass

GDPR compliant

Enpass adheres to the guidelines for data protection set forth by the European Union in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We make sure your personal data is protected and our data protection practices remain transparent.


FIDO member

FIDO’s goal is to make authentication simpler for both consumers and service providers. As a FIDO member, Enpass supports the journey toward a passwordless future using passkeys — a faster and more secure way to authenticate your identity on apps and websites without the need for passwords.

Admin Console in Enpass

Admin Console

Manage users, set security policies, track adoption and password health company-wide from a simple dashboard.

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Policy enforcement

Create rules for sharing and security, and determine Enpass features available for users in your organization.

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Policy enforcement in Enpass
Breach monitoring in Enpass

Breach monitoring

Save all your online accounts in Enpass and get automatic notifications if any websites are breached.

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Ready to help your transition to passkeys

Enpass can generate and store passkeys — and sync them across devices and teammates.

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Your transition to passkeys
Password generator

Password generation rules

Easily set password minimums, require characters or exclude words, and even create domain-specific rules.

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Security Audit

Evaluate your organization’s password health and identify at-risk users to improve your overall security score.

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Security Audit in Enpass
Recovery in Enpass


Recover vault access for employees who have forgotten their Master Passwords.

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Effortlessly share vaults with team members while keeping vault passwords confidential and secure.

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Sharing in Enpass
Provisioning via active directory

Automatic user provisioning

Provision employees effortlessly through Entra ID, Okta, OneLogin, JumpCloud or any other identity provider using SCIM.

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MDM/UEM deployment

Use your existing UEM or MDM solution to deploy Enpass on user devices.

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MDM/UEM deployment
Automatic offboarding

Automatic offboarding

Automatically delete data from user devices when they leave your organization.

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More features

Stores everything

More than just passwords

In addition to templates for every kind of account, Enpass Items can be edited, rearranged and fully customized.

biometric authentication

Biometric authentication

Log into Enpass using a fingerprint or face recognition on any device with biometric authentication.

Password audit

Password audit

Enpass automatically alerts you to weak, compromised, or duplicate passwords so you can easily change them just one click on the password generator.

Import from others

You can easily import your data from other password managers using the desktop version of Enpass.

support for personal vaults

Support for personal vaults

Create separate profiles for work, personal and family to keep everyone’s credentials organized and grant access to only those who need it.

password autofill

Password autofill

Make your browsing experience smooth and secure by letting Enpass autofill login credentials, credit card and other information for you.

File attachments

File attachments

Enpass allows you to store any type of file, be it a company credit card, insurance documents or files containing sensitive customer information.


Keyfile support

Add an extra level of authentication to unlock Enpass with a Keyfile.

Apps & Extension for all platform

Apps & Extensions for all platforms

Mac, Windows or Linux, Android or iOS, Enpass has an apps for your entire team. Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome-based browsers, Enpass has you covered.

Secure your business with Enpass

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