An update on the reported vulnerability regarding WER in Enpass for Windows PC

A few days back, a security flaw was reported by Renato Marinho, in Enpass for traditional Windows, where when crashed, heap dump file of Enpass was generated by Windows Error Reporting feedback infrastructure, which might contain sensitive data. This has been fixed in the v5.5.6.


A vulnerability related to the creation of memory dump files (containing the trace of recently accessed Enpass data) by WER feedback infrastructure of Windows OS, was detected in Enpass for traditional Windows. The report files with heap dumps are created for non-responding or crashed applications, at location (Windows 10: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER) accessible only by admins and may sit there for the indefinite time. The purpose of these files is to look for the possible cause of the problem and suggest a solution to the user. Prior to version 5.5.6, the WER was assiduously generating reports for Enpass crashes, holding recently accessed data of Enpass (not master password) in clear text. After the recent fix, the WER will no longer generate error reports for Enpass.

Affected traditional Windows desktop version: v5.5.3 or earlier.
Tested on: Windows 10
Fix: Enpass 5.5.6 for Windows PC

What should be done?

Please update your copy of Enpass to latest 5.5.6 and remove existing dump files (.hdmp & .mdmp) generated by WER at the location for your corresponding Windows OS.