Beta Release Notes for iOS

Version 6.10.0 (800)

Release Date Jan 17, 2024

Make powerful password management your company’s New Year’s resolution!

What’s New:

  • Enpass Business is now fully integrated with Google Workspace! No matter how big or small your organization, keep your credentials completely safe IN YOUR OWN TRUSTED BUSINESS CLOUD.

Enpass + Google Workspace includes…

  • Unlimited vaults in your trusted Google Drive — no data ever leaves your control
  • Serverless deployment
  • Powerful policy enforcement & security monitoring
  • Customizable one-tap password generation & autofill
  • Easy provisioning & automatic offboarding
  • Easy, secure, & instant vault sharing for teams
  • Easy & instant permissions management for shared vaults
  • Seamless syncing of passwords, passkeys, & other credentials
  • Customizable templates, categories and tags
  • Access recovery for lost master passwords
  • and much more!


  • Minor bugs fixed

Questions? Visit for help, email, or tweet @EnpassApp.

Version 6.9.4 (795)

Release Date Dec 26, 2023

Hello Team Enpass! We’ve added some polish and squished some bugs for you!


  • Smoother onboarding process for new users.


  • Repeated refreshing of the Enpass home screen has been resolved.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Questions? Visit for help, email, or tweet @EnpassApp.

Version 6.9.0 (735)

Release Date Jun 30, 2023

Hello, Enpass beta testers! 6.9.0 has a bunch of fixes, encryption updates, and a new template. Let us know if everything is working for you, and thanks for your help! 

What’s New:

  • Template for Cryptocurrency wallets (under Finance in the Add New Items screen)
  • Peek at your Master Password in Settings > Vaults by authenticating with biometrics


  • Encryption increased to 320,000 iterations of PKBFD2-HMAC-SHA512 hashing (requires one-time biometrics re-authorization)


  • Resolved rare bug in which changes would not get saved when editing an Item
  • No more crashes when removing, then re-adding, an Item’s website icon
  • Searching now works for password that contains the “%” symbol
  • Resolved an issue with enpass:// URL scheme
  • Resolved status conflict when Lite users upgrade to Premium
  • Resolved problem connecting to Nextcloud  via

Version 6.8.7 (710)

Release Date May 05, 2023

Two fixes, a security improvement, and an Enpass Business back-end tweak for you this update.


  • Fixed a rare error in Autofill (‘Failed to receive information from the Enpass app’).
  • Fixed a rare issue of the app failing to identify a paid user’s subscription plan


  • Sharing individual Items in Enpass will now require using a pre-shared key (PSK)

Enpass Business:

  • Microsoft 365 permissions scopes updated

Version 6.8.6 (684)

Release Date Nov 24, 2022

What’s New:

  • Added support for Folder Sync in iOS — Enpass can now sync with vaults stored only on local devices rather than on cloud services.

Version 6.8.4 (676)

Release Date Oct 21, 2022

Hello, everyone! We’ve improved security and squashed some annoying little bugs in this release.

What’s New:

  • Added SSL certificate pinning for stronger security when communicating with Enpass servers.


  • Fixed: “Invalid Secret Key” error when generating one-time codes of more than 100 characters.
  • Fixed: In some cases, passwords changed on one device were not syncing correctly, even though other updates did. 
  • Fixed a few minor bugs and crashes. 

Version 6.8.3 (667)

Release Date Sep 16, 2022

Hello, everyone! We have some great changes for you in this release, including site-specific generated passwords, improvements for Enpass Business users, and a squished bug for vaults in OneDrive on iOS.

What’s New:

  • Built-in Password Generator now checks if a website has specific password requirements before generating password suggestions.
  • In compliance with new Apple requirements, Enpass for iOS and macOS now include in-app account-deletion option.

Enpass Business:

  • Vaults can now be created and stored in the Files section of Microsoft Teams channels.
  • Search is now available when opening or creating a vault in SharePoint Sites and Teams Channels. 
  • Admins can now specify requirements and restrictions for Enpass to use when generating passwords.
  • Admins can now specify terms that should be discouraged from use in passwords.
  • Admins can now set users’ ability to create and share secondary vaults.


  • Resolved problem for some Enpass Business user unable to restoring vaults from OneDrive on iOS.

Version 6.8.1 (633)

Release Date May 19, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with Dropbox syncing where the users were required to “Re-authenticate” with Dropbox very frequently.
  • Other minor crashes and fixes.

Version 6.8.0 (625)

Release Date Apr 30, 2022

Hello iOS Beta users, it’s been a long time! We were busy adding a lot of improvements to Enpass. This build packs a punch with a better onboarding flow, an automatic compromised password checker, and a lot more enhancements. 

What’s New:

  • Automatic Compromised Password Checker: Password auditing has become more effective with added security. Compromised password checking is now automatic in Enpass and triggers whenever a new password is added or changed. Just turn it on from Audit > Compromised.
  • Added a new Search tab in the bottom bar to make your search easier with a quick view of recently used items.


  • While creating or editing an item, you’ll now get suggestions to auto-complete the fields for Usernames, Emails, and Phone numbers with the most used values in the selected vault.
  • On the Edit page, you will now have an option for password fields to use a password from the generator’s history. This is helpful when password for any website is changed successfully using the browser extension but the extension itself fails to capture the updated password for any reason. You can now manually edit the item and access the last generated password using this option.
  • Now make bottomless notes! Yeah, you heard it right, the Note field can now take all the text you want to enter. Along with this, we have also improved the notes for you to view the top 4 lines.
  • The time interval for one-time codes can be changed from the default value of 30 seconds.
  • Revamped the bottom bar to deliver faster navigation and search experience. Groups tab is now “Browse” with improved UI.
  • Added an option to hide website and username suggestions on the keyboard while auto-filling.
  • The process of setting up Enpass is now faster and more fluent with first choosing the location for the vault followed by Master Password.


  • Added an option to select vaults whose items will be displayed in iOS Widget.
  • Improved the vault selection behavior while saving items in Enpass. Earlier, Enpass used to store items in the pre-defined vault but now we have added options to “Always Ask” or save items in the currently “Selected Vault”. This avoids creating items in the wrong vault if the user forgets to change the pre-defined vault while creating items from the app or autosaving via browser extensions.
  • Improved user experience of adding multiple vaults by first choosing the location for vault followed by its password.


  • Fixed an issue where the sync with disconnected while trying to re-authenticate.
  • Few of our users reported an issue where the app was disconnecting the sync and returning 401 error code. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom icon set for secondary vault was getting removed on restart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cyrillic characters in an attachment were not displayed properly while previewing attachments.

Version 6.7.1 (572)

Release Date Sep 20, 2021

Hello everyone! We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for using Wi-Fi sync and for sharing your feedback.

This update contains a few but important fixes for issues you’ve reported to us.


  • While editing date fields in an item, the date selector UI was not functioning as expected. Fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and crashes to improve reliability and performance.

Version 6.7.0 (560)

Release Date Aug 06, 2021

Thank you for the positive response to the Wi-Fi Sync! We have handled few bugs reported by you in this update. Detailed changelog as follow: 

  • Few of you reported issues with item listing while auto-filling, now fixed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the app was crashing on changing the website/fav icon for a particular item. 
  • Other minor bug fixes and crashes.

We love hearing from you, and we’d love for your input on our support channels :

Twitter: @EnpassApp

Version 6.7.0 (555)

Release Date July 15, 2021

Hello everyone in our beta testing community! We are overjoyed to have you folks with us.

The word of the day for this beta release is Wi-Fi Sync. Yes, you got it right. Enpass can now work as a complete offline password manager letting you sync data between your devices over the Wi-Fi or local network, i.e. without using any cloud service.

What are you waiting for? Buckle up to get your hands dirty on this exciting new beta. Please report all the bugs with your frustration and love here

Community Forums [Beta section]:

What’s New:

  • Introducing Wi-Fi Sync as a new way to sync data, without using any cloud service. You can now sync between devices connected over your Wi-Fi or local network. Read more about it here


  • All the tiles on the Audit dashboard with zero count will now be actionable, and count ‘0’ will be displayed in green color as good health.
  • Enpass can now trigger sync while autofilling passwords. Earlier, users had to first switch to the main Enpass app to sync the changes made on other devices before they can autofill them.
  • The snapshot of Enpass interface used to be visible while using App Switcher. Now it will be obscured by the privacy protection view on top of the main screen when Enpass goes to the background.


  • Few users reported a crash while trying to add items in the Default vault (the vault set to always save items in) that had already been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the users were unable to open the items while searching in Tags.

Version 6.6.0 (517)

Release Date December 05, 2020


  • Breach Monitoring: Enpass has got new brains to notify you about website breaches so that you always stay on top of your security. Change passwords of vulnerable accounts as soon as you get alerts. All the checking happens locally on your device without sending any information to us.
  • 2FA Supported Logins: Identify your accounts that support 2FA but don’t have one-time codes saved in Enpass. You can go through the list and choose not to save one-time codes in Enpass if you’re using any other method like call, email, or text for second-factor authentication.

What’s New:

  • New design of Audit section as a unified security dashboard to quickly pinpoint any possible vulnerabilities regarding your accounts and passwords.
  • Now you see a prominent warning header on the item’s details page if that particular website is breached in the past, supports 2FA, or the password of that item is weak, compromised, identical, or has expired.
  • Nextcloud users, now you have a direct option to sync through NextCloud.


  • Restoring data from the cloud has gone faster. You don’t have to wait until all the attachments are downloaded.
  • While autofilling using iOS Password Autofill, items used frequently will now be displayed on top in the quick tab bar.
  • Along with Safari, Chrome & Firefox, Enpass now supports opening links in Brave, Vivaldi & Edge browsers, if installed.
  • Now easier to choose the language of Enpass. The list of languages under advanced settings of Enpass is now alphabetically sorted along with its English name.
  • Weak and Identical password list now displays the count of items in the headers.
  • Now get the option to select the vault on all the tabs.
  • All your items under ‘Expiring tomorrow’ and ‘Expiring in a week’ will now be listed under ‘Expiring Soon.’
  • Now, if you have to change the password for your WebDAV account, just click on the Re-authenticate button on the WebDAV setup page.


  • Fixed an issue with iCloud Sync returning “No internet Connection” with the primary vault.
  • Custom icon created in iOS was being displayed as blank on Desktop. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where clipboard got cleared automatically after using a password on a website.
  • The keyboard was not displayed upon multiple failures from Touch ID. Fixed.
  • Resolved an issue where the items were still displayed under associated tags, even after deletion.
  • Few of you reported issues with Lock-on leaving and Automatic lock not working appropriately.

Version 6.5.1

Release Date September 04, 2020


  • Fixed an issue where some of OneDrive users were getting a password-mismatch error as “Password of data on OneDrive is required”. Affected users first need to delete data from OneDrive (Option to delete data is presented while disconnecting sync from cloud)
  • Enpass was giving ‘No Internet connection’ error even when the sync was connected. Fixed
  • Issue with WebDAV sync resolved.
  • Fixed an issue with password autofill, where it was not showing all the items.
  • The custom icon for a Vault was discarded on relaunching the app. Fixed.
  • An issue with the default value of the Date field. Fixed.

Version 6.4.2

Release Date March 26, 2020

What’s New:

  • Advanced password generator has gone a step further. Along with the option to exclude symbols, now you can also specify the exact symbols that need to be included while generating random passwords.


  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to sync with OneDrive after the last update.
  • Fixed an issue with iCloud sync, which was getting signed out after a day, Just reconnect your iCloud account.
  • An issue with clipboard data not getting cleared. Fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes & crashes.

Version 6.4.0

Release Date February 19, 2020

What’s New:

  • Support for OneDrive Business: This much-requested feature is finally here! You can add your Office 365 Business accounts to configure sync with Enpass. Also, please, note that your current OneDrive sync will be disabled, and you would need to set up it again.


  • Option to dismiss the registration reminder for Pro/Premium users.
  • Tag updation was not triggering the auto-sync. Fixed.
  • Improved performance for the item listing making it faster to load the items.
  • Some users had reported that templates were missing while creating a new item. Fixed.
  • Handled the crashing while trying to unlock via Touch/Face ID.
  • Few Users reported that they were unable to have the Apple Watch enabled. Fixed.
  • Displaying old password while autofilling. Fixed.
  • Enpass was asking for an already existing URL to be added again. Fixed.
  • App used to crash when trying to connect to WebDAV in case the path contained “[” “]”. Fixed
  • Formatting issue while displaying attachments with the language set as Dutch. Fixed.
  • Partial Enpass logo was being displayed on Enpass extension. Fixed. 
  • CAPS letter was turned on while typing the password fields. Fixed.
  • In the Spanish language, the login items were not correctly listed under Login category. Fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes & crashes.

Version 6.2.1 (396)

Release Date October 30, 2019


  • Fixed UI issues in Dark mode for iOS 13.
  • Few users reported issues with today’s widget. Fixed.
  • Touch ID and Face Unlock issues for iOS 13. Fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 6.2.0 (365)

Release Date September 10, 2019

What’s New:

  • Website Icons: Long-awaited support for Favicons is now available in Enpass as Website Icons. Enable them under Settings> General> Use Website Icons.
  • Accessibility: Support for voice over accessibility and dynamic text size accessibility.
  • Enpass now supports large title for devices with iOS 11.0 & above.


  • An added layer of security, users would now need to Authorise with the master password before exporting a keyfile.
  • We have increased the word-count for pronounceable passwords to 15.
  • Complete WebDAV URL is now displayed along with the other sync information on vault settings.
  • Toast message on copying text from a note. Now added.


  • Enpass will now be sorting the items based upon details in case the title are same.
  • Field type for IP address changed to be of type URL in the template for the server.
  • History of fields other than password was also hidden. Fixed.
  • Enpass crashes while deleting empty tags. Fixed.