Enpass Security and privacy

Security & Privacy

Putting customer privacy first, we never store user data on our servers, rather we empower people to choose where they store their passwords, logins and other information – locally on their devices, or in their trusted cloud. We give people the peace of mind to get things done, safe in the knowledge that their online accounts and logins are protected.

Our story

At Enpass, we are passionate about securing the digital lives of our customers, in fact, security is in our DNA. Our Founders were developing cyber security solutions together where they accumulated 36 years of expertise between them. Faced with the challenge of managing numerous passwords they created a Password Manager for their own use. Recognizing the need for everyone to be safe online, they went on to make Enpass commercially available in 2013.

Enpass Security and privacy
Who we help

Who we help

Designed with the most security-conscious user in mind, our offline password management solutions help individuals, teams and organizations worldwide. Enpass delivers peace of mind for organizations that are highly regulated and concerned about security and compliance, including service providers dealing with sensitive client data, government agencies and companies in sectors such as Finance, Telecom, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

Enpass Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

Enpass Technologies Inc. 1201, North Market Street Suite 111 Wilmington, Delaware 19801 USA

Enpass leadership

Our Leadership

Hemant Kumar, Co-Founder/CEO |

Vinod Kumar, Co-Founder/CTO |