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Why am I getting the ‘Windows Hello or Touch Id isn’t enabled on this device’ error message?

Enpass app for Windows Store and macOS supports unlocking via Windows Hello and Touch Id, respectively. However, given below are the reasons for the error:

For Windows Store app:

  • Windows Hello isn’t supported/available on your device.
  • UWPComponents.dll file may be missing – Enpass could not load UWPComponents.dll properly, or it doesn’t exist with Enpass.exe (in the installation folder). It is essential to utilize Windows Hello functions.
  • Windows Hello PIN is disabled – The user at least enables this option to let Enpass utilizes Windows Hello. You can enable it via Device Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Windows Hello PIN.

For macOS app:

  • Touch ID support isn’t available on your device.
  • Enpass app doesn’t detect the hardware.
  • The user hasn’t set up or enabled Touch ID. You can enable it via System Preferences > Touch ID > Add fingerprints.

If you still face any issues, write to us at support@enpass.io.

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