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The import process from KeePass 1.x to Enpass fails with ‘Error message: Nothing to import’?

Enpass supports importing data from KeePass version 2.x only. This results in export functionality error ‘Error message: Nothing to import‘ when importing an XML or CVS file generated from KeePass 1.x. Therefore, the user needs to upgrade their KeePass database to a newer version and import it into Enpass.

Please Follow these steps:


  1. Open KeePass version 1.x.
  2. Go to File → Export → select option KeePass Database.
  3. Select the location and Save the file.


  1. Download and install KeePass version 2.x.
  2. Setup master password.
  3. Go to file → Import → Select “ KeePass .kdb (1.x).
  4. Select the file (*same file in which you have exported data in step-1).
  5. Enter the database password.
  6. On the next screen, it will ask for import behaviour.
  7. Select “keep existing” options.
  8. All users’ exported data from (1.x) will be imported in KeePass 2.x. → which will display in the General folder.
  9. Now export the KeePass 2.x database in .xml unencrypted file format
  10. Open Enpass desktop version, hit the menu button and go to File → Import → Click on KeePass.
  11. Select the XML format of the file, browse and select the file from the system, and click Continue.
  12. Users will now see the confirmation message to import the data→click Continue.

Note: On start of data import, it may take some time depending upon the number of items being imported. Please do remember to delete the old KeePass Database File from your Desktop.

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