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I was using Enpass 6 beta. And now in the stable version, I am not able to restore my data from the cloud. How can I do that?

If your version of Enpass6 beta is any of the mentioned below, you need to manually take the backup, and restore that in the latest stable release, steps for which are mentioned here.

 Platform  Enpass 6 Beta Version



That is because the initial beta versions of Enpass 6 were released as a separate app with the distinct package name and were syncing data to a different location (inside Enpass6-Beta folder) on the cloud. And, so you are not able to restore that data directly from the cloud.

If your Beta version is higher than the one mentioned above, your should be able to restore your data from the cloud while setting up Enpass. If you’re still facing any trouble, please drop an email to us at support@enpass.io.

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