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Getting error while using Enpass browser extension.

While using Enpass browser extensions, you can encounter some errors. We have tried to compile the ‘Error List’ consisting of all the possible errors and their respective solutions.

Error Reason Solution
Error 403 Enpass app has denied access to the data. The installed browser extension seems to be unauthorized. Please make sure you have installed it from the legitimate source. You can install the latest extension from here.
Setup required The main Enpass app isn’t configured on your system. Before using Enpass Assistant, you first need to set up the Enpass app.
To autofill details in any webpage, Enpass Assistant relies on the main app to fetch the information. That is why the main Enpass app must be configured and running in the background.
 Update Required  Extension is unable to connect with the Enpass app. It seems you are using an older version of Enpass. Please install the latest version of Enpass from here and try again.
 Browser is blocked  The browser has been blocked to make any connection with the Enpass app. This usually happens when a user rejected the connection request thrice made by the browser. You can unblock the browser via Enpass Settings > Browser > Browser Authorization > Review Browser > Find the browser name > Tap on Remove.
Access Denied/ Forbidden  Browser requesting the data is not codesigned. The browser’s code signature isn’t verified. Please download it from the legitimate source and try again.

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