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Enpass starts with blank white screen on Windows. How can I fix it?

Sometimes, Enpass opens with a blank screen due to incompatible graphics driver. We can fix it by disabling graphic driver support for Enpass. You need to add two environment variable QT_OPENGL=software and QSG_RENDER_LOOP=basic . To add follow these steps.

1. Search for Environment variable in search next to startup button.
2. Open Edit environment variable for your account.
3. Click New under User variables.
4. Enter QT_OPENGL as Variable name
5. Enter software as Variable value and press ok.
6. Click New again.
7. Enter QSG_RENDER_LOOP as Variable name
8. Enter basic as Variable value and press ok.
9. Press OK and close Environment variables window.
10. Restart Enpass.

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