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Is it safe to use Enpass on my Jailbreak/Rooted device?

No, we do not recommend using Enpass on a jailbreak/rooted device as the integrity of your OS is already been compromised. There are numerous ways for some attacker to steal your data on a rooted device may it be via a keylogger or some other logging functionality, without even your knowledge.

However, if someone somehow manages to steal your database, even then your data is completely safe depending upon how strong your master password is. Although Enpass will warn you in case your device is jailbreak/rooted but we strongly recommend you to prevent using Enpass on the compromised devices for the sake of security of your sensitive data. Also, if you are using Keyfile along with Master Password, it won’t be saved in the device and you have to provide it every time you are prompted for Master Password.

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