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How can I change the registered email?

Before changing email, you should be well aware that it has a different meaning depending upon the platform on which you’re changing it.

Changing email on the platform from which Enpass was purchased

This has the same meaning as if you want to link your purchase with another email (transfer of purchase). Your purchase will be transferred to another account and all the devices linked with the previous email may be changed to Lite. A confirmation dialogue will be displayed before the transfer.

Changing email on the other platforms

You may have purchased more than one license of Enpass through different platforms (prior to the launch of subscription/registration). And maybe now, using it on your other devices where you didn’t purchase it. In this case, changing email on that device simply means swapping the license with another email. A confirmation dialogue will be displayed before the swapping happens.

Steps for changing email:

  • Go to your account in Enpass Settings.
  • Inside, you’ll find an option to change email.
  • Start the process and follow the same steps as registration.

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