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I forgot my Master Password. How can I reset Enpass?

Since there is no option to recover your master password, you need to reset Enpass.

On your mobile devices, you need to uninstall Enpass, which will delete all your data from the device permanently. Then you can install Enpass again from the respective store and start as a new user.

But for desktops, the procedure for resetting of Enpass with the deletion of all data depends upon the source of Enpass installation (whether you’re using Website or Store version).

  • Website version: If you have installed Enpass from our website or from the Linux repository, you need to manually delete Enpass folder from Documents (which is the default location). If you have ever changed the location to somewhere else, you need to delete it from there too.
  • Store version:
    • Microsoft Store: The data will be removed automatically with the uninstallation of the App.
    • Apple App Store: Click and hold on the Enpass icon in Launchpad, and Enpass icon will start jiggling with a ⊗ sign on it. Use that, and your application will be uninstalled with the removal of Enpass container from Users/<home-folder>/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.

Removing data from Cloud

If you have enabled syncing with the cloud, you need to delete your data from there too using the cloud-specific steps below:

  1. Dropbox: Login to your account on the browser and delete the Enpass folder under AppsRight-click on Enpass folder to delete it.
  2. OneDrive: Login to your account on the browser and delete the Enpass folder under Files →  Apps.
  3. Google Drive: Login to drive.google.com. Go to Settings Manage AppsEnpass. From the Options menu, choose to Delete hidden app data.
  4. iCloud: There is no direct way to delete data of Enpass App from the iCloud. While setting up sync of new Enpass database (with new master password), you will be asked to enter the master password of existing Enpass database on iCloud (which you have forgotten and had to reset Enpass). Just enter incorrect Master Password three times and you would see a Help button to next screen with an option to Overwrite data on iCloud with your new database.

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