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Will my data remain on my device if I uninstall the Enpass app?

Enpass is an offline app which saves all your data locally on the device. Removal of your data upon uninstallation depends on from where you have installed the app. If you have installed from the Store (for iOS/Android/Windows/*Mac), your data will be removed from the device, and if you have downloaded and installed from our website (for Windows/Mac/Linux), your data will remain in the Documents → Enpass after uninstallation.

In any case, if you have enabled sync, then your data on the cloud will remain intact and you can restore it any time on any device.

*On Mac uninstallation of app downloaded from App Store is done from the ⊗ sign in Launchpad which appears when you clicking and hold the Enpass icon. If you simply Move the app to Trash on your Mac, your data will not be deleted from containers.

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