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I already bought the Pro version. Why are you asking me to pay again?

Taking into account the increasing rate of security breaches across the world, Enpass has introduced new services like Breach Monitoring and identification of two-factor authentication (2FA) supported websites. Breach Monitor service alerts Enpass users if any breach is detected in any of your saved websites so that you can change your login credentials immediately.

We would have loved to offer these newly added services free of cost to our Pro users, but considering the recurring efforts we have been putting in terms of workforce and financial resources, we cannot cover the cost from one-time pro licenses.

Over the years, we have been working diligently to make Enpass the best Offline Password Manager and have been offering new features to our users. While launching the new subscription model, we ensured that Pro users would not have to pay again for subscriptions, allowing them to use their license across all their devices.

Furthermore, we will continue to add more Pro features for free without any additional cost for the features you have already purchased. Sync over Wi-Fi would be one of those Pro features.

We are grateful to you for standing by us all these years, and for making Enpass even better, we will need your continued assistance.

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