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How can I import my data from other Password Managers to Enpass?

With the desktop version of Enpass, you can easily import your data from the other password managers. To start importing your data, you first need to Export your database in an unencrypted format from the corresponding password manager and save it on your desktop. Once done, follow the instructions given below:

Open Enpass desktop version, hit the menu button and go to File → Import → Select the password manager → Select the format of the unencrypted file, browse and select the file from the system, and click Continue → You will now see the confirmation message to import the items, click Continue  → The items will be added in Enpass under the predefined categories of each item. The items with an unknown category or no category will be added under the Uncategorized section in the sidebar. You can later drag an drop the items to change their category.

NOTE: After importing your database, it is highly recommended to delete the saved unencrypted file as it is highly insecure and can result in the data breach.

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