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While using browser extensions, why I am getting the “Enpass Connection Error?”

This error occurs when the Enpass browser extension is not able to connect with the main app. The possible reasons could be:

  1. Enpass app isn’t installed or running in the background
    To use the Enpass browser extensions, the main Enpass app must be running in the background because the extension fetches data from that only. We do not store any of your Enpass data on our servers from where the extension could have fetched and auto-filled your data (as in the case of online password managers).
    For a better autofill experience, you can set the Enpass app to auto-run on system startup, and keep it always running in the system tray or menu bar.
  2. Using older Enpass browser extensions (Especially for Firefox browser)
    Please make sure that both the Enpass app and browser extension are updated to the latest version. Check out and install the latest versions from here.
  3. Enpass browser extension is disabled from the Enpass app
    Make sure the browser extensions are enabled in the Enpass Settings → Browser → Enable Browser Extension.

If you have tried the above steps and still getting the problem in using the Enpass browser extension, please contact us at support@enpass.io along with a description of the problem and versions of the app, extension, and browser you are using.

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