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What is Breach Monitoring, and how does it work?

Breach monitoring is a threat detection service in Enpass that alerts you whenever any website saved in Enpass is breached.

Website-breaches have become frequent and a potential risk to your security because your personal-data, including passwords, gets exposed on the internet, making it visible to hackers, thereby nullifying the security of strong passwords. This makes Breach monitoring an extremely critical feature as it sends immediate alerts and allows you to timely change your password before the damage is done.

You can find Breach Monitoring in the Audit section, a security dashboard of Enpass where you can measure all the passwords’ overall health.

How does it work?
All the monitoring happens locally on your device, and none of your websites is sent outside Enpass. The app regularly retrieves updated definitions from our server, regularly updated there‚Äďand matches it with your saved websites.



*The feature is currently available for mobiles only. It’s coming to desktop platforms soon.

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