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How to restore data from Enpass 6 Beta standalone app to the stable version?

The initial beta versions of Enpass 6 were released as a standalone app and were installed separately on your device parallel to the existing Enpass app. But after a while, we terminated the beta updates for this standalone app and started rolling out the beta(s) over the stable Enpass 5 app. In case, if you are still using the standalone beta app on Android (v6.0.0.75), iOS (v6.0.0.49), Windows ( or earlier), Mac (, Linux (, and want to restore your data into the stable version, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Taking a backup from Standalone Beta app
    Open the standalone beta app and take the backup of data as mentioned below:

    • On Mobiles: Enpass Settings →  Advanced → Backup → On Device.
    • On Desktops: Enpass Menu → File → Backup All Vaults.
  2. Restoring backup into the Main app
    1. Open the Enpass app and save a copy of the database on your device.
    2. Go to Advanced settings → Erase Everything.
      • NOTE: Before erasing everything take backup of your existing database.
    3. Set up Enpass by restoring the backup of your standalone beta app. On the welcome screen, choose to restore data from Backup File → Local Storage and locate the backup.
    4. Open the app and verify that all your database is restored. Once done, uninstall the Standalone Beta app from your device.
    5. After restoring the data, make sure you delete the standalone beta app.

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