Enpass for Mac OS X

Enpass for MAC is available on MAC App store and Enpass website with the following differences.

Migrating from MAC App Store version to Website version

If you are using MAC App Store version and switching to Website version, you need to migrate your data by following the easy steps below. 
NOTE: DO NOT UNINSTALL OR DELETE YOUR MAC APP STORE VERSION as this will also delete your data from your system which can’t be undone.

  1. Take Backup of your Enpass data from File->Backup. (Do it now).
  2. Quit Enpass. 
  3. Download and install the Website version. This will replace your MAC App store version in Applications.
  4. When you execute the newly downloaded version, it’ll present the welcome screen to start over again with three options as below.
  5. Choose “I was using Enpass from Mac App store. Migrate that data." and your data will be migrated to your Documents->Enpass folder.
  6. Download and install browser extensions for your browser.

  7. Enable extensions from Enpass Preferences.

  8. If you were using iCloud sync, then switch to other options like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or ownCloud.

Read more about using browser extensions in User manual.