17 Cool features of Enpass for Linux

Enhanced Security by SQLCipher

We have taken a step ahead to strengthen the security in Enpass, by using SQLCipher engine for implementation of AES-256 bit encryption. We chose SQLCipher because it is open-source, transparent and is widely used by world's premier organizations for encrypting SQLite databases.

Native and Cross platform

Enpass is available for all major Mobile and Desktop platforms. This is the first release of Enpass for Linux platform and the full featured version is Free.

Wide range of Templates

Enpass allows you to store all your personal information ranging from online logins, IDs, locker passwords, Car, Travel to Credit cards, Bank accounts, stocks etc.

Built-in Password Generator

Generate strong, unique & un-guessable passwords for every login by the built-in password generator. It also includes password strength indicator, password history and recipes for pronounceable passwords.

Extended Cloud Syncing Options 

Enpass supports all major clouds to sync your data across all supported platforms. You can freely sync via Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and ownCloud/WebDAV.

Perfect Autolock Mechanism

Enpass automatically lock itself after the set time interval and keeps your data safe & secure from prying eyes, even when you forgot to lock it or left it idle.

Sharing among Enpass users

Enpass lets you to share an item in non-readable format, making it accessible to Enpass users only.

Fields Reordering

Re-arrange the fields of any item in the order you like. The same changes will be reflect on all devices if you've enabled sync among them.

Complete item Customization

Customize your item completely as per requirement as Enpass gives you freedom to edit/delete the default or customized fields of any item.

More Keyboard friendly

We have made Enpass more simpler and quicker to operate as all the major actions can be done by keyboard shortcuts.

Change Operational Language

Anytime change the operational language of Enpass from its long list of 23 supported languages.

Advanced Search

Enpass lets you search for any item by performing deep search in every item's title, field value, custom created field-name and note.

Import from other popular password managers

Importing database from other software is just a matter of few clicks through Desktop version. Automatic import wizard now imports them under separate category; from where you can re-categorize the items later.

Dynamic and Cool User Interface

Enpass offers No-frills, Dynamic and Cool User Interface with best at its core functionality i.e. to secure your credentials.

Favorite Marking

A separate list to hold your favorite marked items those you use very frequently.

Folder support

Along with categories, organize your data in better way using traditional folder system.

Backup & Restore

Take local backups of your Enpass data in your file system and restore them anytime on any device.