Modern Windows

Modern Windows


I have already purchased Enpass for Modern Windows. How can I associate my purchase on Windows Phone to restore the full version ?

Recently I reset my device to factory settings. When I re-installed Enpass it is restored to trial version. How can I restore my purchase?


Why should I use Enpass?

I have purchased Enpass for one platform, do I need to purchase separately for others?


Which encryption and security technology does Enpass use?

As an Enpass developer, are you able to access my information?

If someone steals my device, how secure is my data?

How secure is sharing an item from Enpass?

If Enpass is an offline password manager then why does it connects to Internet and shows network activity?

Does Enpass support Two-factor Authentication (2FA)?


Why should I enable sync on my device? Is it safe?

During sync why am I getting "Please provide password of Enpass data on Dropbox/ iCloud/ OneDrive/ Box/ Google Drive/ WebDAV"?

Can I enable sync with multiple clouds at a time?

I am getting Invalid security certificate error?

Master Password

I am using Enpass on multiple devices, do I need to use the same master password on all devices?

I am using Enpass on multiple devices and I have changed my Master Password on one device. Why is not the master password is changed on rest of the devices automatically?

I understand that I cannot recover my master password. How can I reset my Enpass to start with a new keychain?

I have forgotten my master password, can you reset my password so I can access my data?


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