If Enpass is an offline password manager then why does it connects to Internet and shows network activity?

Indeed Enpass is an offline password manager and saves your data locally on your device and in any case, we do not (and we can not) access any of your data.

But yes, Enpass does connect to the internet with the sole purpose to give best user experience. If you have seen a network activity for Enpass, it could be due to any of following reasons:

  • Cloud Syncing: If you have enabled sync with any of your cloud accounts, Enpass will connect to that cloud account to check and perform sync operation.
  • Checking for the update: Enpass connects (anonymously) to one of our domain (http://rest.sinew.in) which contains the information of latest releases with version numbers for all platforms. It makes the GET query and doesn't send any info there but only the version number.
  • Pwned Passwords: In the desktop versions, Enpass connects to the internet to verify your password against the list of breached passwords managed by haveibeenpwned.com. The k-Anonymity model is used to ensure that your passwords are safe in Enpass and never sent to the internet. Read here to know more.

Why do we do so? Being offline in nature and having no information about our users (except those who have signed for our Beta program or newsletter) makes it impossible for us to reach you. In case if there is some significant news (maybe security related like FREAK Flaw) to share, which might require immediate action by you. That is where this becomes the only medium from where Enpass can pull any such information.

You can disable the participation in analytics from Enpass Advanced settings.

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