I understand that I cannot recover my master password. How can I reset my Enpass to start with a new keychain?

If you have forgotten your master password there is no way to recover it. So in this case, you can reset your Enpass to use it again. To reset follow the given steps:

NOTE: While resetting Enpass, all your data will be erased and we can't get it back.

Step I: Delete Enpass files from device:

  1. Quit Enpass.
  2. Delete Enpass files from your system. To delete the files follow the path:
    Go to Finder --> User --> Library Folder--> Containers --> in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop --> Delete the folder.
    NOTE: Usually Library folder is hidden, so make it visible by holding Option key.

Step II: Delete Enpass file from Cloud:

If you have ever synced your keychain with any supported cloud, you need to delete the file from the cloud too, so that on sync your older data is not present there. 

If you haven't sync then skip this step and move to Step III:

Step III: Creating a new Keychain

  1. Re-install Enpass from respective app store.
  2. Open Enpass and when the welcome screen appears, select "Create a new keychain".

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