I am getting Error Codes while using Enpass? What should I do ?

While using Enpass, you can encounter some errors. We have tried to compile the Error List  which consist of all the possible errors and their solutions, please go through it. If still your issue remains unsolved, feel free to contact us .

Error    Code 



Your WebDAV/OwnCloud server SSL certificate has changed since last time and it is untrusted/invalid.

Disconnect and setup sync again. You can continue if you trust the new certificate.

 More than two devices are syncing at the  same time with Dropbox.

 Enpass will resolve conflicts automatically.
 Dropbox server is having issues while downloading Enpass data.
 Please try after some time.


Google Play Services are not installed on your device or installed version is too old.

 Please install/upgrade Google Play Services from  Google Play Store 
 Not able to connect to Internet .
 Please check your internet connection.
 Enpass data on cloud is invalid or  corrupted.
 Please check sync_default.walletx file on cloud, if is  not valid file, delete it from there and then try to sync  again
 Enpass data on cloud is of a very old  version of Enpass.

 Replace App to Enpass & restore your database to  sync again
 Not able to upload changes to cloud.
 Please check your internet connection.
 Not able to Create Enpass folder on cloud.
 Please check your internet connection.
 Not able to download Enpass data from  selected  cloud.
 Please check your internet connection.
 Not able to connect to selected cloud.
 Please check your internet connection.
-120  Not able to check Enpass folder on cloud. Please check your internet connection.

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