Enpass 6 beta downloads

Find all the latest Beta software here and help us in making the next release of Enpass great! With your support, we'll be able to refine every new version before officially rolling out in the market.

Important Instructions:

  • All beta versions are precursors of final products. They are intended for testing purposes only and should not be used any place where your data is important. Please backup your database before testing a beta release.
  • The Enpass 6 beta app will not replace the existing app on your phone, but will be downloaded as a separate application that will not interfere with your existing Enpass installation.
  • You can restore your existing data from previous versions into Enpass 6 over Wi-Fi (Mobiles only) or existing backup file.
  • Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture; it will only sync with Enpass 6, and not with previous versions.
  • Some of the features are disabled in beta versions and they'll be available in the forthcoming beta updates.
  • Currently, beta versions are available only in the English language. More languages will be added in the coming releases.

NOTE: Currently, we've released the Enpass 6 Beta only for Traditional Windows desktop along with the Chrome browser extension. More platforms will be added as we go along and to get the updates, please join Enpass beta program.


Requires Android 5 or later
Latest version:
Release Notes

Traditional Windows

Requires Windows 7 or later
Latest version: (Beta 3)
Release Notes

Enpass Browser Extensions

Chrome- Requires Chrome 60 or later
Latest version:

Firefox- Requires Firefox 57 or later
Latest version: