Using Enpass Portable

The best thing about Enpass Portable is you don’t need to install it, just copy the files in your USB drive, plug-in and go!

  • Run the Enpass Portable file saved in your USB drive. A pop-up will appear asking to choose the location to save/open your Enpass database.


For quick access, you can also save the location of your database for future reference by clicking the Remember location check-box.

  • Click on Browse and set the location for your database.
  • In case you have already saved the location, you will also get an option to choose the database from your recent saved locations.
  • Once you’ve set the location for your Enpass data, you would be provided with a screen where you can set up the Enpass according to your preferences.
  • Next time when you’ll log into Enpass, it will automatically load previous data (if the location is still accessible) and prompt you to enter the master-password. Though, the location can be changed by clicking the Choose another button.

Enpass Portable works the same way as the desktop App version 5.5.2. For further assistance, you may go through the following links:

Enpass Browser Extension

Like the Enpass desktop app, the portable version also gives you the assistance to auto-fill the logins using the Enpass browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Opera.