Whats New in 5.5.5

Attachment Support

From now on, you can attach files to Enpass, be it the snap of your Passport, your credit card or any other kind of file you want to keep confidential in Enpass vault.

Quick PIN support

You can now set an alphanumeric PIN to quickly unlock Enpass if the App is already running in the background, otherwise, master password will be required.

CSV/DSV Import

If you’re having your passwords and login details in CSV or any other delimiter separated file, you can now import them in Enpass using the all new custom CSV/DSV data importer.

zxcvbn will show the strength of your passwords

We have empowered the password strength indicator with Dropbox zxcvbn to check you from choosing weak passwords.

Selective field sharing

Sharing has gone better with an option to choose the fields to be shared rather than the whole item. So now you can share your bank details with anyone by removing login and other sensitive details. Cool, huh!

Subset of password

It lets you see certain characters in password specified by position, for example, “1st, 3rd, next-to-last, last” by just mentioning their position in a specified format.

A better way to organize items

You can now create sub-folders by right clicking on parent folder in sidebar with an additional feature to move subfolders among parent folders by ‘drag n drop’. We have also improved the drag ’n’ drop behavior for moving items between categories and folders where now you also get the option of copying them (instead of moving only) by pressing and holding the ‘option’ key.

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For complete list of other changes, please check Release notes.