List of supported softwaresΒΆ

We have tested importing data into Enpass from 26 other password managers. The following table lists them along with their respective unencrypted file types from which Enpass can import data.

Software name Tested version Unencrypted file format
1Password-Agile Keychain (Windows) 4.6.0 1password interchange file (.1pif)
1Password-Agile Keychain (MAC) 6.0 1password interchange file (.1pif)
aWallet 6.0.2 CSV file (.csv)
B-Folders 4.7.1 CSV file (.csv)
Dashlane 3.5.0 dashlane csv (.csv)
DataVault (Windows) 2.1.14 CSV file (.csv)
DataVault (MAC) 5.2.39 CSV file (.csv)
eWallet (Windows) 2.1.14 Text file (.txt)
eWallet (MAC) 7.4.4 Text file (.txt)
Handy Safe (Windows) 3.01 XML file (.xml)
Handy Safe (MAC) 1.02 XML file (.xml)
Keepass (Windows) 1.29 XML file (.xml)
Keepass (MAC) 2.28 XML file (.xml)
KeepassX 0.4.3 XML file (.xml)
KeepassX 2.0 CSV file (.csv)
Keeper (Windows) 8.3.1 Text file (.txt)
Keeper (MAC) 2.15 Text file (.txt)
LastPass (Windows) 4.0.0 Text file (.txt)
LastPass (Windows) 4.0.0 CSV file (.csv)
LastPass (MAC) 4.0.0 Text file (.txt)
mSecure 3.5.4 CSV file (.csv)
Moxier Wallet 1.1.3 CSV file (.csv)
oneSafe (Windows) 3.0.1 CSV file (.csv)
oneSafe (MAC) 1.5.1 CSV file (.csv)
Blackberry Password Keeper CSV file (.csv)
Password Depot 9.0 XML file (.xml)
Password Gorilla CSV file (.csv)
Password Padlock 7.4 Text file (.txt)
Password Safe (Windows) 3.35 XML file (.xml)
Password Safe (MAC) 3.1 XML file (.xml)
Pocket 2.7 XML file (.xml)
RoboForm (Windows) 7.9.16 HTML file (.html)
RoboForm (Windows) 7.9.16 HTM file (.htm)
RoboForm (MAC) 2.0.1 HTML file (.html)
SafeInCloud 2.4 XML file (.xml)
Safe Wallet (windows) XML file (.xml)
Safe Wallet (MAC) 1.2 XML file (.xml)
SPB Wallet (Windows) 2.2 Text file (.txt)
SPB Wallet (MAC) 2.1 Text file (.txt)
Splash ID 8.0.6 VID file (.vid)
Sticky Password 8.0.6 Text file (.txt)