You will find the Share button on the item-detail screen.


Items can be shared in the following two formats:

  1. Plain Text: Plain text item can be read by anyone.
  1. Scrambled: Scrambled item can only be accessed by Enpass users.


Plain text poses a security threat, in case of sensitive data. Sharing private data in plain text should be avoided unless it’s an urgency.

Enpass offers multiple ways to share items:

  • You can share items via mail.

Sharing via mail.

  • To share an item using other apps such as, messengers, you can Copy it and paste within the messenger of your choice.

Sharing via Skype


You can even share a field-value by copying it to the clipboard.

  • Long press (or right click in PC) on the field, you want to copy the value of and you’d notice a Copy button.
  • Tap this Copy button. You can paste your text wherever you’d like to (even outside the app).