Password Generator

Enpass has a built-in password generator that creates a strong and unique password every time you require one.

Generating Passwords

The password’s complexity can be altered by adjusting password recipes, i.e. pronounceable password recipe and random password recipe.

Random Password


Pronounceable Password


Here’s how to do it:

  • While generating random passwords, you can decide the number of digits, symbols and uppercase letters you want in your password, in that particular priority.
  • For pronounceable password, you can choose to use mixed case and any one from the three available seperators.

The Avoid Ambiguity button removes the following ambiguous letters from your password:

1 (one), l (small L) and I (eye); O (oh) and 0 (zero).

Password History

Enpass keeps a record of the last five passwords that you generated and used along with their timestamps.


Afterwards version 4.6, every password you change gets recorded into password history of that particular password field and the maximum storage limit is up-to last 5 changes.