Welcome to Enpass Portable

Unlike traditional Enpass desktop apps, the portable version does not require installation. You can put it on a USB drive and move between computers while taking your app and settings with you. The Enpass portable version has features similar to that of the Enpass Desktop version. Because Enpass runs without installtion on the system, it’s lightweight and won’t leave any footprint on the devices you run it on. Everything, including any settings you’ve saved, is saved right in the portable app’s folder on the USB drive.


To use the Portable version, all you need is a USB drive and the platform specific Enpass Portable zip file.

  • Windows: Requires Windows 7 or above.

  • Mac: Requires macOS 10.11 or later.

  • Linux: Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 or later ; Fedora 22 or later (only for 64-bit OS).

Who should use Enpass Portable?

If you want to use Enpass on your personal desktops, then you should always use our desktop app. But if you can relate yourself with any of the following conditions, Enpass Portable is for you.

  • You are a System administrator and have to keep switching workstations.

  • You are not able to install Enpass desktop app and need admin rights.

  • You travel a lot and need to access your data on some other PC where you can’t install the desktop version. Though we don’t recommend to plug in your USB in any insecured/unknown system.

  • You have to work with multiple Enpass databases.