Deleting and Archiving

You can move items to Trash which are no longer in use and from there you can permanently delete them. Also, Enpass lets you Archive items which you don’t want to trash.


  • To move an item to Trash, tap on the item → Hit ⋯ button → Move to Trash.
  • To restore an item from Trash, tap on Trashed under Others in the Groups on Tab Bar → Tap on the item → Tap Restore.
  • If you want to delete the item permanently, delete it from the Trashed under Others in Groups.


Deleting an item from Trash will permanently delete it from your device and other synced devices.


You can also archive the items which you don’t need now but are not sure when they might be required in future.

  • To archive an item, tap on the item → tap on ⋯ → Archive.


The Archived item will remain in Enpass but will not appear in the search results.

  • To unarchive an item, tap on Archived under Others in Groups → Tap on the item → Tap Restore.