Tags allow you to manage your data in a more organized and convenient way.

Tagging items

The following steps will guide you to add tags to your items.

From Edit page

Edit the item and scroll down where you can see the Tags field. Add the tag name in the tags field and enter Comma (,). This way you can also add multiple tags to the same item. Once done adding the tags, you can save the item to pertain the changes.



You can quickly access all the tags saved in Enpass from the Groups in Tab Bar. Just tap on Tags from the Groups, and you’ll be presented with the list of all the existing tags in Enpass.

From Tab Bar

You can also create tags from tag-listing in Tab Bar and then manage items.

Add a new item under a tag

Tap the Tag with which you want to add a new item. Tap on + → Select New Item → choose the vault (In case of multiple vaults only) → Choose category → If you’re having multiple vaults, you can Add item details → Tap Save


Add existing Items under a tag

You can also add the existing items to the tag by following these simple steps:

Tap the Tag in which you want to add a new item. Tap + → Select Existing Items → Mark the items you want to tag → Tap Done.


Nested Tags

You can add the sub-tags in an existing tag in Enpass. To add a sub-tag, go to Groups → Tags → Select the Tag in which you want to add a sub-tag. Tap on + button → Tap on New Tag → Add tag name and save. This way you can create tags in the hierarchy, you want.

Editing Tags

Go to Tags from the Groups in Tab Bar. Swipe left on the Tag name and tap Edit → edit tag name → Save and done. On the same screen, you can also delete the tag by tapping the Delete Tag button.

Untag an Item

To untag an item, go to Tags from the Groups in Tab Bar → Select the tag → Swipe left on the item and tap Untag.