Peek and Pop

With iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple has introduced an entirely new way to interact with your phone: 3D/Force Touch. With 3D touch your iPhone can now sense how much pressure you apply to the screen. You can also use 3D Touch on your Enpass App to perform some Quick Actions. See how.

Quick Actions

You can create a new item, search in the Enpass keychain or open the list of favorite items, all from your phone’s home screen. To do so, just give a firm press on the Enpass icon and choose the action you want to perform.


Peek and Pop

Peek at any item’s detail by just giving it a firm press from any list. To have the item’s full details view, you can pop it by pressing it a little more deeply.


You can also easily copy the contents of a field or you can open the logins in the Enpass or Safari browsers. For that, Peek at the item’s details and swipe up to access the additional actions.