Siri Shortcuts and Quick Actions

You can create a new item, search in the Enpass keychain or open the list of favorite items, all from your phone’s home screen. To do so, just give a firm press on the Enpass icon and choose the action you want to perform.

Siri Shortcuts

In the iOS 12, Apple provided a new Siri Shortcut functionality that allows users to set a voice command to take a specific action in the app. We’ve also successfully incorporated this feature in the version 5.6.0 allowing you to set a shortcut to access your frequently used items quickly.

Here’s How to Set a Shortcut:

  • Open the item you want to set a shortcut for, tap on the Add to Siri |rarr| Now record your phrase, and done
  • Next time whenever you need to access the item use this command and Siri will open the item for you.

Edit Siri Shortcut

  • To edit the existing Siri shortcut, open the item and tap on Edit Siri Shortcut. |rarr| To re-record the phrase, tap on Re-Record Phrase and continue |rarr| You can delete the existing shortcut by tapping on the Delete Shortcut |rarr| You can also delete the Siri shortcut from Device Settings > Siri & Search > My Shortcuts > Right swipe on the shortcut and tap Delete.


If you uninstall Enpass or erase all the data from it, all the Siri shortcuts will remain as it is in the Device settings. You need to delete them from there manually.