Master password

Enpass encrypts all your data using the master password. You also unlock the app with it. Make the master password strong. If you lose it, we cannot help you recover it. Write and store it in a safe, secure place. For tips on creating a strong password, see this blog post.


The master password is irrecoverable. If you forget the master password, it can not be retrieved by any means.


Advanced users can add another layer of security by using a keyfile with the password. Enpass appends the characters in the keyfile to the password and uses them together to encrypt your data.

To add a keyfile to your iOS device you need to:

  1. Generate the keyfile.
  2. Add it to your iOS device.

Generating the keyfile

You need to generate keyfiles from Enpass on your desktop. See generating keyfiles.

Adding the keyfile


To add a keyfile, follow these steps:

  1. From Enpass on your iOS device, tap Settings > Security > Change master password.
  2. In the Change password screen, tap the More options button at the top right.
  3. To add the keyfile:
  • Tap Choose keyfile if you have transferred the keyfile by other means.
  1. Enter the master password again.
  2. Tap Done.


Keep the keyfile safe and secure as you will not be able to log in to Enpass without it. It is also irrecoverable- so backup all your keyfiles. If you have created multiple vaults and added keyfiles to them, you will need them to open these vaults.

Removing keyfiles

To remove keyfiles, use Enpass on your desktop (See removing keyfiles).