Getting Started

If you’re new to Enpass, this user guide will teach you how to use Enpass to securly manage your passwords, credit cards, bank accounts and lots more in Enpass. You will also find a few tips, warning, and notes throughout the manual, keep them in mind while using the app.

Prerequisites for Enpass version 6.0.0

From version 6.0.0 onwards, Enpass requires iOS 9.3 or later.

Setting up Enpass

There are two possible ways to set up Enpass; One, if you’re a new user, you have to create a new database in Enpass. Second, if you’re an existing user, you can set up Enpass by restoring your existing data.

As a new user

If you’re a new user, you first need to set up master password to create your database.

Master password: Master password is used to encrypt all your data and is required to unlock Enpass. Keep it strong and try to memorize it. It’s better to write it down and keep it in safe place. Once forgot, we cannot help you recover it. For extra security, you can choose to use a keyfile alongwith master password. For tips to create a strong password, you can have a look at this blog post.

Using Keyfile with Master Password: Enpass gives you an extra option to use a Keyfile with your master password. You can choose to create Keyfile from the Advanced Options presented on the same screen of setting up master password. The purpose of Keyfile is to add second factor in unlocking Enpass. The text file from Keyfile gets appended to password and now together they are used to encrypt your data. Apparently it is also required to unlock Enpass on all devices. So, like Master password, make sure you never lose it, and save it in some secure place.

  • Choose Keyfile: Tap on Choose Keyfile to load the Keyfile from your device.
  • Scan Keyfile: You can add the Keyfile used in your desktop version to your mobile. To add the Keyfile, go to Enpass settings in your desktop –> Vaults –> Select vault –> Tap on options menu (3-dots) –> Keyfile QR Code. Now scan this code in your mobile to add the Keyfile.

On the welcome page, you’ll see an option as I am a New User, tap it and set a strong master password. After setting up the password, you can start populating Enpass by adding new items.

As an existing user

If you’re an existing user of Enpass, you should be having your data somewhere, either on any cloud where you have synced before or a local backup of data. You can directly restore that data from a Backup File or from a cloud.