Customizing Fields

You can customize an item by adding new fields or editing the pre-existing fields.

Editing field type

You can edit field’s label and field’s type of any item as per your requirements.

  • While you are at the Edit screen, tap that field’s label.
  • You can change the field-type along with its name, and also, you can choose the field type to be sensitive. Tap Done after making the changes.

Adding fields

Sometimes you might need to add new fields to any item. Following steps will guide you for that.

  • While you are at the Edit screen, select Add Field.
  • Enter the new field’s name and choose the appropriate type. You can also mark the field type to be as Sensitive.
  • Tap Save to pertain the changes.


We recommend that you keep the Sensitive mode ON for passwords or security answers. This way your passwords, PINs and other similar texts will stay safe from shoulder surfers when you use the app in public places.

Re-ordering Fields

You can also re-arrange the order of the fields in an item.

  • Tap on Reorder Fields on Edit screen.
  • Hold and drag the fields using ≡ icon to Re-arrange them and tap Done to save.

Deleting fields

  • While you are at the Edit screen, tap the label of that field you want to delete. Let’s say you tapped Phone. Field’s details will be loaded on the next screen. Tap on the delete icon. A warning message will be displayed for confirmation of deletion. Tap Delete to remove the field. To pertain the changes finally, you need to tap Done.

Field History

Once you’ve updated any field, its changes get recorded as Field History in Enpass. To see the field history, tap on the field from the details screen → tap on MoreHistory.


Customizing Password Fields

Unlike other field types, password field has additional options which allow you to set an expiry date to that particular password and exclude the password from the Audit.

Exclude from Audit

  • To exclude the password from Password Audit, tap on the Password Field from the Edit screen → Enable Exclude from Audit → Save the field → Save the item.

Set Password Expiry

  • To set an expiry date to the password, tap on the Password Field from the Edit screen → Enter the number of days → Save the field → Save the item.


To set the expiry date to a password, make sure Exclude from Audit is disabled.


Sensitive fields are concealed by bullets, so it is recommended to set all the password fields as Sensitive.