Backup and Restore

Enpass lets you take manual backups of your Enpass data and restore them.

Taking backup

Backups can be taken for a specific vault or of whole Enpass data; to other device over WiFi or on local storage of device.

Restoring backup

Backups can be restored Over Wi-Fi or from the local storage. See the steps below:

Over Wi-Fi

Make sure that your Mobile device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi and your Mobile’s screen remains in foreground throughout the following process:

  • Using a browser on other system, navigate to the IP address visible in the Restore over Wi-Fi screen in your Mobile device.
  • Tap Choose File on your system and navigate to the backup file’s location. Tap on Upload. Now you’ll be asked to enter the password of the file in your device once the upload is finished.


While restoring data in secondary vault, you have to choose the vault you need to restore. In case if your backup contain multiple vaults and you restore all of them, you need to Erase everything and start over by restoring data from backup file.

From local storage

Tap on Files and select the file from the device. You’ll be presented with the list of vaults to be restored in Enpass. Tap on Continue and you’ll be asked to enter the master password of the file. After entering the password, tap on Restore and your data will be restored in Enpass.



If you’re restoring data in the secondary vault, you can only restore from a single vault file. You can restore the multiple vault file while creating the Primary vault only.

Restore from Cloud

Following steps review the process of restoring from cloud:

Select your cloud from the list. You will be re-directed to the authentication screen of that cloud. Enter your credentials and grant permissions to Enpass to continue with the sync process.


Your data will be synced successfully. Time stamps will also get updated.



Only one vault can be synced with one cloud account at a time. You can not sync multiple vaults with one cloud account. However, you can use multiple accounts of the same cloud, e.g., Dropbox to sync multiple vaults.