This section deals with the General settings in your Enpass app.

Open Automatically at system startup

To use the Enpass extension in the browser, it must be connected to the main Enpass app to fetch the information. At every system startup, Enpass will run automatically in the background and be connected to the Extension. So that when you click on the Enpass icon in the browser, it won’t show any connection error.

Search in All items

Whenever you search for an item in Enpass, by default, the search will be performed in all items in the currently selected vault. But if you disable this option, Enpass will search the items in the currently selected category only.

Always run Assistant in docked mode

Running Assistant in dock mode means when you trigger Enpass from the browser, the Assistant will stick to the desktop’s screen until you click the X (cross) icon to close it.

System-wide Hotkey

You can set the system-wide hotkey to launch Enpass from anywhere in the system. Hit the keyboard shortcut (hotkey) from within the same app you’re working on, and the Enpass Assistant will pop-up right there to give you quick access to your Enpass data.