Using Extensions

While browsing, Enpass Browser Extension does a lot of operations like Autofilling logins and credit cards, saving webforms, updating and saving new logins etc; thus giving a smooth browsing experience efficiently.

Using Autofill popup menu

One of the best assistance that Enpass provides you is the freedom to Auto-fill your information with just a single click. No speculation, no typing, no copy/paste required- Enpass does it all for you.

Autofilling Logins

Enpass automatically detects the login forms and will show you the available options to autofill.

  1. Click in the field where Autofill popup is displayed, then choose the login you want to fill.

  2. If Enpass suggests more than one item, you can use the arrow keys to select the one you want. Or start typing to find it.


Enpass also autofills the one-time password from the item after autofilling the username and password if this option is enabled in the browser settings.

Autofilling Credit Cards

Like logins, Enpass also shows you all the available options when it detects the credit card forms on the web page.

  1. Click  in the where Autofill popup is displayed, and Enpass will show the list of saved credit cards.

  2. Select the card, and Enpass will automatically fill in the details.

Autofilling Identities

Just as the logins and credit cards, Enpass also detects any sign-up form on the webpages and shows the available options to autofill.

  1. Click in the where Autofill popup is displayed and Enpass will show you the list of saved identities.

  2. Select the one you want to fill-in.

Generating passwords

  • Autofill popup menu also allows you to create strong passwords on the go. Click on the password icon to use the built-in password generator anytime you need a strong password.

  • To use the password recipe, click on the filter icon and create the password as per your need.

  • This also shows you the history of the last used password.


Launching Assistant

  • Click on the (>>) button on the popup menu to launch Enpass Assistant for extended options, including the vault switching.


More Options

  • From the Autofill popup menu, click the (3-dots) icon, and you will see three options there described as follows-

  • Lock Enpass: As the name suggests, clicking on this will lock the Enpass.

  • Don’t show on this page: This will add the current URL to the blocklist, thus preventing Enpass to show the Autofill popup menu in the future for this URL. Later you can manage the blocked URL list from the extension settings.

  • Settings: Clicking on this will open the Enpass extension settings in your browser.


Saving New Logins

When you log into any webpage with new information (not saved in the Enpass), Enpass automatically detects that attempt and prompts to save the information as a new item, and all this without switching to Enpass App.

  1. Enter your username and password and then choose Add to Enpass.

  2. Select a vault, give the login a title, and add any tags. Then click Save and a new login item with username, password and URL will be saved in Enpass. Select Save and a new login item with username, password and URL will be saved in Enpass.



Clicking on Never ask for this site will tell Enpass not to save and prompt you in future for that particular domain. You can add multiple such domains in settings at once.

Searching items

You can search the items saved in Enpass from the Enpass extension in two ways as follows -

  • In Autofill popup menu: When you start typing in the field where Autofill popup is displayed, Enpass searches in the currently selected vault and refines the results as you type.

  • In Enpass Assistant:

  1. Launch the Enpass Assistant and click on the Search Bar.

  2. Choose your search preference by clicking the Search Icon.

  3. Start typing the text you are looking for.


Updating Existing Logins

When you log in to an existing webpage (saved in Enpass) with a new password, Enpass detects the changes and prompts you to update the information. See how:

  1. On any login page, fill in the new login details.

  2. Click Add to Enpass

  3. Select Update Existing Item from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Update to update the item in the Enpass.

Saving Webforms

Once you’re done filling the details in a webform, click the Enpass Assistant icon → click on ≡ button → Save Webform. Enpass will detect all the fields and will automatically create an item with the details filled in. Then you can verify the details and finally Save the item.