Adding Attachments

You can keep your important documents safe in Enpass as attachments. You can attach photos, PDFs and files of any other format to any item.


The maximum allowed size in Enpass is 5 MB per attachment.

Attach file

  • To attach a file, Edit item → select Add Attachment → Choose a file from your device → and Save the item.


To quickly access all the items having attachments, you can navigate to the sidebar, select Attachments, and here you’ll see the list of all the items having attachments saved in it.

View Attachment

  • To view an attachment, go to the Detail page of the item.
  • All the attached files will be listed in Attachments section.

Delete Attachment

  • To delete an attachment, Edit the item and scroll down to the Attachments section.
  • Use ⨂ right next to attachment name to delete it.
  • To pertain the changes, you need to save the item as well.