This section deals with the Advanced Settings of Enpass.


The Enpass version 6 brings secured sharing allowing you to include the attachments with the item and also allow you to encrypt the entire item with a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) before sharing it with anyone.

Add a PSK

Go to Settings > Sharing > Pre-Shared Keys > Tap on “+” button. Here you can add a key and enter a name to save the PSK.

  • Your recently added PSK is added to the list of Existing PSKs.


Once a PSK is added, an additional option to share encrypted item will appear while sharing. You also need to share the PSK with the intended recipient to allow access.

Check clipboard for shared items

Enabling this explicitly allow Enpass to read the clipboard for shared items on every launch automatically. Once disabled, you will have to then manually add the shared item by selecting Add an item from clipboard on the add item (+) screen.

Reset Enpass

Click on Erase Everything and you’ll be asked to enter the master password to authorize yourself. Enter the master password and click Continue. You’ll be prompted with a warning message, click OK to continue. Remember that all your data, vaults and settings from your current device will be deleted permanently. Although, the data stored on any cloud or other devices will remain intact.

Data Location

Click on Change Location to change the location to save your Enpass database.


You can set the default language for Enpass from here.


Check for alerts

If enabled, we will alert you about very important security or Enpass related news. we respect this option and use it when it is highly necessary to notify you about something important. Since this is the only medium to reach you, we recommend you keep it enabled.

Beta Updates

Enable Beta Updates to get notified when the beta updates are available to download.


In this section, you can configure how Enpass connects to the internet. It’s for the advanced users only.