Syncing Data

Enpass lets you sync your data with other devices through any of the supported clouds. Syncing across Enpass is very secure as all your data is transmitted in encrypted format, and cryptography is always performed locally on the device only.

Cloud Sync

By the term cloud-sync, we mean that your data can be synced with the cloud of your choice (check supported clouds) and not with our server as we don’t store any of your private data.

Sync creates an automatic back-up over the cloud. Hence, you can be reassured of data-restore, in case of device-damage or theft.

Supported clouds

Currently, Enpass supports syncing of data across devices through your own account on following clouds where we do not store any of your data on our server.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive (Personal/Business)
  • iCloud
  • WebDAV
  • Nextcloud

Setup Sync

Here are the steps to set up cloud sync in your vault.


Please note that only one vault can be synced with one cloud account at a time. You can not sync multiple vaults with one cloud account. However, you can use multiple accounts of the same cloud, e.g., Dropbox to sync multiple vaults.

Folder Sync

Enpass lets you sync with any folder, accessible on your device or on the network.

Set up Folder Sync

To set up set up folder sync, refer to the sync settings in Enpass.


Sync Timings

  • Every time you unlock Enpass, auto-sync is initiated. (If Sync is turned on).
  • Auto-sync also happens after every 15 secs, while the app is in the foreground.
  • When you make any change in data, Enpass waits for 5 secs and initiates an auto-sync.

Time Stamps

Enpass keeps you informed about the latest successful data sync by updating Last Synchronized time stamps.


  • Time taken in completion of a sync process depends on the data size, i.e, the no. of items and attachments in Enpass.
  • Any changes in settings are not synced to cloud (except for the master password).