Here you’ll learn about how to share an item with others and how the recipient can add the shared item into his Enpass.


From Enpass you can share any item with others in the following two ways:

  1. Normal sharing
  2. Encrypted with Pre-shared Key

In both ways, a single item at a time can be shared outside Enpass through a medium of your choice; be it, e-mail, Whatsapp, Messages etc.

Normal sharing

This is the regular way of sharing where the fields of shared item are visible in plain text. Along with that the data of selected fields get appended in message in the form of BASE64 encoded URL, which is also encrypted with a fixed pre-defined key. Sharing an item in plain text format is not considered secure as it can easily be read by anyone who gets the hand on it.

  • Open the item which you want to share. Tap on the options menu (3-dots) > Tap on share. An alert with a warning message will appear, tap on I Understand > Choose the fields which you want to share > Tap on Share Button > Choose the medium to share your item, and finally you can share the item.


Plain text poses a security threat, in case of sensitive data. Sharing private data in plain text should be avoided unless it’s urgency.

Encrypted with Pre-shared Key

This way you can encrypt any item with a passphrase (call it, Pre-Shared Key) before sharing it with others. The recipient can access the shared item only by providing the correct PSK. It’s a secure way of sharing items with other Enpass users. You first need to create a pre-shared key (PSK) for the intended recipient from the advanced settings of Enpass, and then you’ll see an option to encrypt the item with PSK while sharing.


It is recommended to share the PSK with the recipient through a medium different than the one used for sharing the encrypted item.

To share an encrypted item:
  • Open the item which you want to share.
  • Tap on the ⋮ menu > Select Share. An alert with a warning message will appear.
  • Choose the fields which you want to share. Enable the option Encrypt with PSK.
  • Now you can select the name of recipient for which you created the PSK in advanced settings.
  • Tap on Share, and Choose the medium through which you want to share your item.


  • Always use a secure channel/medium for sharing. i.e., No one must listen in on or temper with the medium.
  • Double check that you are sending it to the correct person.
  • Delete the shared text after being sent and ask the recipient to delete the same as well after importing the item in their Enpass database.

Adding a shared item

A shared item can be added to Enpass by directly opening the shared link or by copying that to the clipboard.

Adding through clipboard

  • Copy the whole shared link on clipboard.
  • When you come to the main screen (with the data on clipboard) of Enpass, click + button and select Add item from clipboard. You will be asked to add the item to the database.


You can also enable the option from Enpass Settings to let Enpass automatically read the clipboard. If enabled, Enpass will automatically read the clipboard while entering the foreground to check for any shared Enpass item.


If the shared item is encrypted with a PSK, you’ll be asked to enter the PSK right before adding the item to Enpass.


Attachments in the shared item will only be added to Enpass if the item is encrypted with a PSK. Otherwise, only the fields will be added.

Share Attachment

You can share each attachment via email or by using other apps on your device by following these simple steps.

  • Go to the detail screen of the item where you’ve stored the attachment.
  • Tap on the attachment you want to share. You will be provided with the preview of the attachment.
  • Tap on the share button and you’ll be provided with the list of sharing apps. Select the one you want to share the attachment with, and done.


You must share the attachments using the reliable sources to avoid the data breach.