Registration in Enpass is the process to link your Enpass purchase with your email ID. This helps to restore your purchase on other platforms for free.

To register your purchase, follow these steps:

  • On the Settings screen, tap your registration status at the top of the screen. This will start the registration process.


The text of your registration status may differ as per the status of your license.

  • There are two ways to register your purchase with Enpass. One is with the email ID and other is using the Google account.
  • For email, tap Use Email, enter the email ID and proceed. This will send a six-digit One Time Code to your email ID.
  • Enter the code. Now you’re a registered Enpass Pro/Premium user. You can use the same email ID to restore the purchase on other platforms as well.


We do not collect any of your data other than your email. Your data remains offline on your device as earlier.